Hello! You can call me Sing, Skadi, or Sriha. I'm Thai, and I love sushi.

I finished all my courses in Computer Engineering and am waiting to graduate at the end of 2023.

I love MAKING GAMES. Also, I love exploring new things, primarily graphic and game related. Right now, I'm interested in 2000s web culture and retro graphics. I'm trying to build a model on the blender, ps1 graphic-inspired.

Check out my old and recent projects at skadi___dywimo.

When I'm free, I play games with friends (Valorant, Minecraft, Overwatch 2, Apex, or other games, mainly fps games).

inspired by moonview I use Noa code as a reference for this site

site hosted on


Wishlist at steam -> self-indulgence (Release demo 17/2/2024)


(showing some of the projects I did)

RED RIDING HOOD (prototype)

Red riding hood on something while trying to climb up the tower real fast, dodging spells and traps; it is a result of my one-month project while on school break. I start without the knowledge of unity at all (I know c tho), it quite a struggle, but I want to see how far I can go in one month. The timer hit, and I need to wrap this project up, there's so much more I want to add, but school is calling. have fun wall jumping >:D

I did none of the assets, I downloaded it from the itch. Credit to owner.

version: early alpha 0.001; 1-month works; release date-06/06/21

download and play now on itch.io

3D Print (gift)

Luca(brown) and PKD(white) got themselves a clone. I model replica of Luca and PKD using a blender and send it to my uni to 3D print it.

Blackbeans - Wish