Red Riding Hood


Red riding hood on something while trying to climb up the tower real fast, dodging spells and traps; it is a result of my one-month project while on school break. I start without the knowledge of unity at all (I know c tho), it quite a struggle, but I want to see how far I can go in one month. The timer hit, and I need to wrap this project up, there's so much more I want to add, but school is calling. have fun wall jumping>:D

I did none of the assets, I downloaded it from the itch. Credit to owner.

version: early alpha 0.001; 1-month works; release date-06/06/21

R is for Dizziness!


Games for my uni club game jam. The theme is one button, so I made a game where you press "R" to rotate the room. The Player must lead the white circle boy to fruit and avoid all donuts.

(👍 ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)👍(👍 ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)👍(👍 ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)👍(👍 ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)👍



First time doing game jam as a team. Excellent experience. My friends are uni students doing a game dev major. Group leaders are good at coding and drawing. I implement the movement of man and mammoth.


I'm always a fan of John Carmack, and the original doom (1993) influence me a lot, so I want to make a doom clone in my version. The art I use combines assets I bought, and my brother draws monsters.

Procedurally generated level dungeon crawler //Prototype

I follow the tutorial from Jason Weimann. I learned a lot from him. His style and code made the project so easy to read and manage. After the tutorial, I applied the procedurally generated level feature using the asset I bought. I dropped the project due to the problem with NavMesh for my ai. Since my level is procedurally generated, I need to calculate NavMesh in runtime. I tried finding the solution online, but the solution I found is deprecated and not work so well.

Project: SKADI //Prototype

One of the first 3D games I try to make in unity. I want to make a rich environment storytelling game, but the development doesn't continue because of the limit of my coding knowledge.

I also tried to optimize the game using occlusion culling, but my computer still couldn't reasonably handle it, so I dropped the game.

PAINT //Prototype

Seeing one example project from the OOP course in uni made me want to do some paint clones. I found a tutorial online and tried it out. It doesn't go as far. I might pick this project up soon.

VR Escape Room (CG course)

I got to do a VR project in the CG course with a team. We decide to do an educational escape room where the player needs to play a mini-game to retrieve a function tag. And after all the mini-games, the player can use all the tags they collected to solve the programming challenge. There are two levels in the game. My role is to implement a zombie level.


Luca(brown) and PKD(white) got themselves a clone. I model replica of Luca and PKD using a blender and send it to my uni to 3D print it.

Check out my devlog and more 3D model at skadi___dywimo